Movie Props

A bespoke, functional hero Cryptex Lockbox made for The Magician’s, Season 4, Episode 10. Various sigils were provided by the studio for the combination rings.

The Hesper Lantern.
Designed and fabricated for Trevor Crafts, Matthew Daley and Bruce Boxleitner’s Lantern City TV project. Entirely fabricated, no repurposed parts.

A crate designed and built for Jason Satterlunds The Record Keeper. Upon return, I converted the piece into a side table with a glass top.

A functional set of goggles, complete with prescription lenses and an integral flashlight fabricated for author and speaker Winn Schwartau. Design was based upon provided artwork as shown.

Hero Goggle Headpiece based upon Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell game, for Big Puddle Films Splinter Cell Extraction short.

Various hero props designed and fabricated for director Jason Satterlunds The Record Keeper.