The Mathur Urn.
A customer requested a bespoke cremation urn. In Big Leaf Maple burl with an original shop-cast brass lid medallion, and a shop cut Malachite cabachon. The lid is affixed with cut threads in brass with a rubber seal.

The Klecker Crate.
A customer requested shipping crate that would mount upon a standard pallet, but could also be used as a display table within their tradeshow booth. The box splits in half to fit through doorways, with integral access doors. In wood and steel.

The Jansen Table Pedestal.
A table base fabricated in steel, brass, and mica, designed for an existing wood slab top. Includes integral lighting. Entirely shop made, no repurposed parts.

The Articulated Axiscope.
An apparatus designed and fabricated to suspend three Fresnel lenses: the parallax and image distortion from the sequenced lenses is a wonder to behold. The seven arms can articulate upon three unique axis of motion, allowing for some interesting composition permutations.

A wine Blending Chalice.
Designed and fabricated for Willamette Valley Vineyards in Turner, OR. In brass, white oak, glass, and stainless steel. For the mixing of seven red wines while dispensing into one sparged bottle.

Various custom Molds and casting Patterns for foundries, internal shop projects, and customer projects.

A Gentleman’s Cane.
A client commission in Brass and Thuya Burl.

Various Turnings.
Including Oil Lamps with shop made lost wax cast brass elements, chess pieces, and a run of 50 Eclipse Sphere mementos.

A Decorated Drawer Box.
An extensively shop modified machinist chest, inlaid with quarter-sawn Sycamore and veneered in figured Bubinga, upon a shop made apron with turned legs. 

Various Boxes and Vessels.